Introducing Ourselves

About Loud

Quick snapshot:

  • > 100% Australian owned and independent
  • > Full service integrated including specialist Multicultural division
  • > Strategically motivated and creatively inspired
  • > 22 year track record
  • > 40 strong team
  • > Effectiveness and Creative award winner
  • > Accredited by Federal and NSW Governments
  • > Long term Communications Council member


Our changing story

What’s remarkable about the change we’re all experiencing today is its sheer speed and impact. How it’s forcing us to confront and cope with more issues on a daily basis. How it’s up-ending so many long-held beliefs and habits.

One of those is the agency communications model which was built around paid media and the one size fits all mentality. This model is disconnected from the way our society now behaves.

Which is permanently ‘on’. As participants not passives. So the art of persuasion has shifted to the art of mutual involvement and brand experience.

LOUD’s structure is based on understanding, creating and managing change, continuously.

Another shift is that serious business challenges require the full suite of communications elements. Not just advertising and social marketing, but what we call ‘multiple connectors’ doing what each one does best. All underpinned by a core idea that creates compelling content executed with originality.

Of course with change comes new opportunities and fresh ways of realising untapped value. We work with forward thinking clients to create that value from change.

And being independent means we’re more agile and flexible—the natural companions of change.

That’s our story. And why we’re known as ‘The Change Makers’.


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Teaming Up

Just a few unbiased words about our executive group

  • Lorraine Jokovic
    Lorraine Jokovic
  • CEO

    Honing her skills in both multi-national and Australian agencies, Lorraine has helped direct a vast array of clients across finance, FMCG, Government, automotive, retail, charity and societal et al. Her passion is working closely with dynamic companies who value the benefits that Change Marketing can bring to their business.

    Favourite word: chocolate

  • Russell Naughton
    Russell Naughton
  • Director Of Planning And Innovation

    From an award winning creative background, Russell has always been a strategic thinker at heart. His experience spans multi national agencies in London and Sydney plus running his own high profile creative and strategic companies. It’s possible there’s a client category he hasn’t worked on, but we haven’t found it yet.

    Favourite word: eclectic

  • Joe Van Trump
    Joe Van Trump
  • Creative Director

    Texan raised, Joe brings 18 years of international experience building leading brands with DDB and JWT Chicago and DDB Sydney. Whatever he touches, from fast food to banking to telcos and social issues, he has this habit of picking up numerous creative and effectiveness awards. It’s something we encourage.

    Favourite word: super

  • Lou Petrolo
    Lou Petrolo
  • Multicultural Director

    If anyone lives and breathes his job, it’s Lou. We’re not the only ones to recognize his specialist knowledge and experience. He’s also Chairman of the Multicultural Forum at the Communications Council. Along with managing some of Australia’s leading multicultural campaigns.

    Favourite word: curious

  • Gemma Tugby
    Gemma Tugby
  • Group Account Director

    British trained on the client side, Gemma’s contagious energy and in depth know-how has influenced many healthcare, pharma, social, education and agricultural clients. In fact, she feels so strongly about ‘integration’, it could almost be her middle name.

    Favourite word: alright!

  • Lawrence Katsidis
    Lawrence Katsidis
  • Creative Services Director

    Previously with Y&R and Lintas, Lawrence thrives on ensuring the final production exceeds everyone’s expectations. So cost effectiveness, quality control and logistics are his everyday—whether it’s print, film, digital or new media initiatives. Or motor racing on weekends.

    Favourite word: adrenalin


Planning Differently

Loud Crew 40 - Languages Spoken 15 - Staff Nationalities 23

Strategy Planning can be notoriously dry, logical and formulaic. But that’s not how most of us make decisions. The vast majority of decision making is highly emotive, far more heart-felt than head-space.

Which is why we seek to uncover the hidden feelings and the emotional factors that influence choice and loyalty. We even look at the sensory indicators embedded in every brand, including the sixth sense, or insight, that sets it apart.

We believe this kind of thinking is essential in a same-same world of parity claims and promises. It’s also why we’ve said farewell to the 1940s unique selling proposition, and given a loud welcome to the ESP—the emotional selling proposition. The ESP is the link that leads to work that emotionally involves a community with a brand.

Which in turn provides more than just a solid return on investment, but also a highly measurable return on imagination.


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