The message is dead.

Long live the value.

Brands no longer have the right to be heard.
Zilch. Zero. Nada.

In today’s crowded, ever-evolving and innovative marketplace, the right to be heard has to be something you earn. And it's not your media spend that's going to do the talking.

Interactions with your audience now need to happen organically in a values-based and culturally relevant manner in order to build your Cultural Currency. Because brands that live within culture don’t have to shout to be heard, they’re already part of the conversation.

LOUD. Make Yourself Heard.

Welcome to the age of cultural relevance

Culture is the world’s most powerful driving-force. It encompasses our interests, our beliefs, customs and demographics. It defines what we deem worthy, useful and important. And it’s where you need to be.

At LOUD, we harness the power of culture to create new possibilities. Whether you’re a brand, a product or a policy marketer you’ll be partnered with expert strategists and creators to produce work that will weave you into the fabric of culture.

Lorraine Jokovic

CEO, Head of Client Services

Starting her career client side with McDonalds marketing team Lorraine moved to agencies where she’s built some of Australia’s most iconic brands.

Lorraine led the launch of Subaru’s all-wheel drive, a break through innovation in motoring, ING that quickly became the countries number one preferred customer brand and Macquarie Bank creating a global brand from a Sydney based financial services company.

In response to Australia’s diverse population Lorraine built multicultural communication services as part of LOUD’s offering making it the only agency able to communicate with all Australians.

Her career includes extensive experience in financial services and professional services, automotive, social marketing, FMCG, health and wellbeing, government behavior change, cross-cultural and multicultural communications.

Lorraine is a multi-awarded professional, a director of the National board of the Communications Council and has been identified as an AdNews Woman to Watch.

Gerry Cyron

Head of Planning and Innovation

Inspired by Vance Packard’s ‘The Hidden Persuaders’, Gerry started his quest to understand how people tick, what drives them, their motivations, fears, and desires; and then use that understanding to build brand narratives for commercial gain and/or behavioural change.

Armed with a MSc in International Marketing, Gerry began his professional career as a Management Consultant 17 years ago in Germany at BBDO. 

He has since worked in Singapore, Melbourne and Sydney across a broad range of local and multi-national brands and many categories such as FMCG, finance, automotive, travel, etc.

His work has been recognised and awarded in the major award shows. The Won Report named him the 2nd most awarded Planning Director in the world. Whilst all shiny metal is nice, the real gong that matters to him is Effectiveness. And Gerry scored many of those together with his clients, including the first ever Cannes Effectiveness Lion for the Ogilvy Worldwide Network and The Coca-Cola Company. His drive for Effectiveness made him a regular judge for local and international Effectiveness Awards.

Wellison D’Assuncao

Creative Director

With a love for design and ideas, Welli established his early years in the communications industry creating a mix of design and direct marketing work. In his first year in ad land his work for big pharma brand Merc was recognised at awards shows locally and internationally.

That same year his work for The Daily Telegraph & Sunday Telegraph earned him his first New York Festival award for craft.

15 years on, Welli has worked for some of the finest multinational and independent agencies in Sydney creating fully integrated award winning campaigns for world leading brands like Vodafone, MasterCard, KFC and Coca-Cola to name a few.

His Cannes win for Coca-Cola’s fight for equality ‘Coke Mardi Gras’ and Primo’s ‘Bacon Beauty’ are amongst some of his most prized work.

Closer to home his brand experiences and awards continues. Clients like St.George, Wespac, Foxtel, Makita, Fuji Xerox, Qantas and The New South Wales Government all benefiting from his creativity.

Welli’s had the privilege to judge at AWARD and ADMA where he’s also mentored at their advertising programs for aspiring young creatives.


Cultural Currency runs through each and every piece of work we do at LOUD, with a value at the heart of every campaign.



LOUD is the only full-service agency in Australia with a specialist multicultural division, talking and engaging with the over 6 million Australians who speak a language other than English at home. LOUD has created successful multicultural campaigns for leading brands such as BUPA, OPTUS, Western Union, Medibank Private, and NEC. Not to mention multiple ongoing projects with both the State and Federal Government.


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